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The Demolition of Old Charity Hospital, 1937 and Internship 1937-38

Published 1937;1938

Restoration of original film of Charity Hospital demolition, (silent), 1937. Restored by Interformat, Monaco, Film Lab/Video Services; 230 Ninth St.; San Francisco, CA 94103, (415)864-5350.
Originally filmed in 1937, B-WIND internes, highly substandard, messed up original. Restoration done April 8, 2004, footage 170', Stock emulsion 3234-321, LAD 25. 0-5920, D96, 67.5 degrees/30 FPM. [Chemical treatment of original, repaired to duplicate; 188 ft. 0-16/16in, 16mm to 16mm interneg; 16 CP-16mm check print, .50 hrs. T-DBT, Digital BC transfer; .50 hrs, T-SRT, Simo mini DV recording;1 ST-DB60S, Digital BD 60 min. Stock; 4 DU60VD - 60 minute VHS Dub, 4 DVDD, DVD copy]. Original returned with duplicates. Conversions provided to VHS and DVD.
Restoration of film by the History of Medicine Society Library Fund.
"TC Hour 1, 16 FPS, 16mm archival I.N. to Digibeta" --Container.

A companion scrapbook can be found online in the Internet Archive at

Producer Holcombe, R. G. (Richard Gordon) 1913-
Audio/Visual No sound, Black and white
Contact Information Rudolph Matas Library of the Health Sciences, Tulane University, 1430 Tulane Avenue, SL-86, New Orleans, LA 70112-2699. (504) 988-2406.


Filmed by Richard Gordon Holcombe, Jr.; Internship Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La, 1937 Graduate. (A list of 1937 hospital internship graduates is published in the: Tulane University of Louisiana, Medical School Bulletin, Announcement for 1937-1938, p.97-100.)


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